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Read the detox instructions below
Booking an appointment 

How It Works

New clients, your investment begins before you sit in my chair.

You are required to complete a 30-day detox period (four consecutive shampoos) before booking an appointment to prepare your hair for a transformative salon experience.

You’ll commit to a simple regimen of shampooing, conditioning, and styling every 7-10 days with the following products and tools:

AG Balance shampoo, AG Boost conditioner, Brush with the Best detangling brush, and either Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic or The Doux Mousse Def.

New Client

You’re a new client if you’ve never worked with me before or you’re booking an appointment 17+ weeks since your last maintenance cut.

NOTE: Out of respect for your and my time, a $55 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your appointment and will go towards the total cost of your appointment.

Existing Client

You’re an existing client if you’ve been following your schedule for maintenance cuts. At 17+ weeks, you must book a new client appointment.

NOTE: Out of respect for your and my time, a $55 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your appointment and will go towards the total cost of your appointment.


Here’s what Clients are Saying…

“Just wanted to let u know I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my hair to the point that some ppl ask if it’s real. 😭

Thanks again for helping my hair get healthy.”

J. Daniels

Existing Client Appointment

“@haircousin created a monster. Today I went to visit the haircousin and I love my hair, I love my curls. The things that she taught me and said about my hair—she has been changing like my whole ideology around hair. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock all this time.

If you are not following her, follow her. I love it, like I’m so happy with my hair and I’ve never seen my hair naturally do this before without like twisting or prompting.

So, check her out…maybe I’m overreacting, but I love em’, so you should try it.

Jennifer P.

New Client Appointment

Andra, you are The Bomb…Thank you for being so patient and answering all my questions. I’m looking forward to the process as I learn my hair.

Tammi S.

New Client Appointment

“Going on day 5 and Andra was *not* playing about the “lazy natural” thing…all I’ve done is put a scarf on at night, then take it off in the morning and shake/fluff my hair out.”

Lex T.

New Client Appointment

What’s the move?

I’m here for the Natural looking to partner with a Professional Curl Artist to achieve healthy hydrated hair, a bomb wash+go, and a haircut that demands all the double takes.

I’m all about the facts. There is enough misinformation in the internet streets and product aisles to have Naturals struggling for the rest of time and I’m over it. A cosmetology education coupled with continuous training under industry leading badasses means I’m only bringing you what works. This is not trial and error or YouTube, this is answers to your questions and an experience that will transform your dry, frizzy strands into healthy, hydrated curls.

I live for simplicity. It could all be so simple…*in my Lauryn Hill voice* and it is. I’m committed to helping you un-complicate your natural hair and showing you through a visual learning experience, education, and professional technique just how simple it really is to feel confident and capable caring for your curls without doing the most. If you’re ready to relearn natural hair—while saving energy, time, and coins—read on.