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In a world where we’re taught to tame our imagination, the pleasure experiment is a portal.

To step through is to go on an adventure of remembering our own unique magic.

It’s an invitation into the unknown.

now, allons-y, let’s go.✨

Welcome [back] to The Pleasure Experiment.

It’s been a year since the idea for this blog first came to me and I published the first post.

I’ve done some living, moving, breathing, dying, rebirthing, accepting, learning, traveling, laughing, hoping, expanding, doubting, and trusting, and it’s all brought me back to what I knew from the beginning: life is the pleasure experiment.

My life has been a series of ebbs, flows, and major identity deaths these last two years and there were times when I lost sight of what my intention for this space was all about.

I’ve taken time to ground into the vision for my words here and I’m back feeling eager to share all the things I’m learning + exploring about feeling good.

Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or it’s your first time around these parts, I hope you have a good time while you’re hanging out in the digital part of my world.

Something to remember as you embark on your own journey is that what we do ≯ how we do it.

The pleasure experiment is not about making our lives look like they’re more glamorous or put together than they actually are—it’s about embodiment, actually living what we’re talking about here.

Which means, whether we’re going for a walk in our neighborhood, making lunch for our children, or driving to work, the essence of what we’re practicing is being in our bodies and noticing what’s going on, what feels good, what doesn’t, and why.

We live in a society where everyday we are taught to disconnect a little from ourselves, each other, and all that is around us, so when we take time to notice and just observe, we intentionally slow ourselves down to be more present, connected, and embodied in the now.

That’s why I love breath work.

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, how much money I have, or what I’m doing—when I take a moment to breathe, it always helps me anchor into my body and attune to what’s happening in both my inner and outer worlds.

Like, our bodies are brilliant and that truth is fundamental to the experiment, but more on that later. 


Ok, so as you step through the portal into The Pleasure Experiment, know that this adventure is what you make of it.

Everything rests on your curiosity.

Love wine? Who invented it? Was it a “mistake” like potato chips or chocolate chip cookies? Do you like it sweet or dry? Is there a wine tasting in your area? A sommelier documentary you could watch? Compare a $7 bottle with a $20 – what do you notice?

When you feel good, don’t be afraid to ask questions and wonder and play because that is how you follow the thread leading you to your own magic.

Feel-good favorites. 🍭

[This is the part where I share the goodies I’m playing with, so take what feels good and leave what doesn’t.]

I’m watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix.

I’m listening to the feel-good girl playlist on Spotify—curated by yours truly.

I’m reading “Pleasure Activism” by adrienne maree brown and The CBD Solution by Merry Jane.

I’m eating a whole lotta noodles: Shin spicy ramen is my newest addition.

enjoy my favs.

Here I am, a feel-good girl, eating seeds right out of the inflorescence of a sunflower at The Urban Growers Collective South Chicago Farm. Don’t we just love us some everyday magic?🪄

P.S. I’m proudly community-made, so if you wanna support me + this work you can do that here, here, and here. ❣️

amuse-toi bien,

Andra Renee