The thing I love about strategy is actually the same thing I loved about being a stylist—the simplicity.


Even though I’ve retired from the salon, I still want to make accessible the education that helped me and my clients finally experience the simple side of natural hair.


So as a Black Friday treat, I’ve revamped my old guides into a fresh, updated one titled: Wash, Rinse, Repeat.


I’ve noticed that when we’re not taught the basics of how to do a thing, it creates a gap between where we are and where we want to be, and in order to bridge that gap, we end up doing the most.


We have a tendency to overcompensate when we’re trying to do a thing “right” after not knowing how to do the thing at all, so this guide is my response to that.


To be clear, this information isn’t “new”, but that’s actually the point. We don’t need new information. We don’t necessarily need more products. We definitely don’t need more tutorials. 


We need to get our hands in our hair and practice the basics, again and again, and trust that they’re enough.


For those of us who weren’t taught how to properly take care of our hair, we have stories on stories about the products and methods we used trying to figure it out on our own, only to end up disappointed and discouraged.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat is my way of saying what I’ve said on repeat these last four years, it’s all a lot simpler than we’ve been taught and the basics are more than enough.


Included in the guide are what I think are the most common myths stressing naturals out, the facts to dispel them, the Wash Day system, product suggestions, and access to my masterclass replay walking through the wash day regimen and answering questions.


If you wanna get into this good and juicy education, download your copy HERE❣️


NOTE: If you’ve previously purchased an e-guide or access to a workshop, the information hasn’t changed. This resource is for those who want to revisit the basics or who are exploring them for the first time. All purchases are final.