Since retiring from the salon back in August, I’ve been in a season of radical healing and exploration, and thankfully, I’m finding my rhythm.

​These days, my life is still about learning to take my time, going slow, and paying attention to my foundations. And even when I think I’m going slow, I’m finding I can go even slower. I’m making peace with how strange I look to people who don’t understand what I’m doing or why it matters and I’m accepting that sometimes, I’m one of those people. I’m singing again, dancing, making smoke blends, and experimenting with herbs. And I’m getting to know Chicago in a way that makes me feel more and more at home here, like visiting the National Museum of Mexican Art to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and exploring the plethora of workshops and resources at my local Chicago Public Library branch.

As I’ve been playing around with my unconventionally meaningful life, I’ve also been slow-cooking my work as a business strategist.

​Between Detroit and Chicago, I’ve been in conversation with different entrepreneurs and business owners about how they show up in their work and I’ve noticed a few unspoken norms: exhaustion, disorganization, and unsustainability.

​Thinking back to the conversations I was having with clients in the salon, we KNOW Black women are tired. And yet, most of us continue to do what we’ve been socialized to do best, endure.

I wonder what would happen though, if we took the time to get curious.

Why are we so exhausted and how did we get here? What about our pace is unsustainable and what if it doesn’t have to be like this? Is our disorganization rooted in our fear that slowing down will put us “behind”? Might some structure in the right places offer us a chance to exhale? Are our long-term goals actually shortsighted if they don’t consider our health and care?

These aren’t questions just for work or just for life, they’re for both.

Our humanity is not designed to be compartmentalized for the sake of productivity or profit and yet, most entrepreneurs insist on pushing through even when our bodies are begging us to stop.

Personally, I think there’s a different way, which brings me to the next iteration of Strategy Playdates. 

This one is for my creative entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and disorganized leading a service-based business.

I want to talk about what specifically isn’t feeling good in your business, why, and what would support you in aligning with what does feel good.

I want to hear about your overwhelm managing the day-to-day of your business and see how we might co-create an easier way that feels authentic to you.

While there is no financial cost, the exchange for this offer is a completed feedback form that will help me gather data + gain clarity as I continue to flesh this thing out.

If you wanna join me in doing business differently than how it’s always been done


or share this opportunity with your favorite entrepreneur. ❣️

And if you’ve got a question after you’ve looked over the intake form, send an email to and I’ll follow up with you.