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AirFrance economy made it clear to me why folks prefer first class flights, okay?

Care, intentionality, lavishness with a side of bread and butter feel good. Here’s my in-the-moment musings from the plane:

At this point in my life, I’m big on filtering what I want through the lens of what I need to live a full and satisfied life—not because I want to deny myself pleasure (au contraire!)—but because I want to experience it in abundance.

For me, abundant pleasure means being clear about my baseline because it’s so easy to mindlessly crave more while simultaneously feeling more and more discontent.

I don’t actually care about The Joneses, but I’d be lying if I said I *never* get caught up in what things look like vs what they feel like, y’know.

Something that’s come up for me on this flight is that i so enjoy having bread with every meal and hearing French swirl through the air and the simple comforts of a nap with a warm blanket and soft pillow.

I want it all the time.

So then my question then becomes, how can i have this as a normal part of my ordinary everyday life?

And then I realize, what makes this such a delicious flight is that these things are ALREADY a part of my regular, ordinary life and it’s the chance to experience them away from home that is so affirming.

In our culture, we often think a life of ease lies only on the other side of a 6-figure launch or a 6-figure salary, and that’s not to say that money doesn’t give us options because it does, but if we look beyond the surface of how we’re told to live these lives of ours chasing money, we find so much more is at our fingertips right here and now.

For example, i’ve been making toast with grassfed butter and French jam to the tune of french music long before i found myself on a flight to Paris.

and that right there is the magic of the ordinary.

One isn’t meant to replace the other.

It’s in the name of sustainability that I don’t choose to rely on flights and trips and weekends to make me feel alive.

I want a magic I can anchor and ground into, not just daydream about, and certainly not have to run myself ragged with work to experience it regularly.

A sweet thing I’ve realized is that everything I’m experiencing in my life right now, I made room for over this past year…

last year, I intentionally began shifting my focus away from my business and towards the quality of my day-to-day life. I started learning about relationships from therapists and writers. I started to “follow the breadcrumbs” as my life coach always says. I began to write a different story about what I believed was possible for me and why I chose to come into this lifetime.

And in light of all of that, it’s not a coincidence that I find myself on a flight to Africa to a Francophone country for a self-discovery retreat hosted by my friend.

Following the breadcrumbs led me here…

There is no today without all of the moments before, which is why it’s so important for us to live these lives of ours in the present, because that’s all there ever is.

All of this riffing and I haven’t even landed in Paris in the story yet, lol.

Maybe consider ways you can experience pieces of your ideal life now. For me, I find a deep comfort in food, so I make a point to play with fun and beautiful flavors. I also use music to curate my environment, kinda like how movies have soundtracks to help tell the story.

What could creating a life that matters to you look like here and now?

Another moment du jour: yum 🍯

xx, Andra.