Why You’re Here:

After trying all the products, watching all the YouTube videos, and listening to all the advice from natural hair influencers, you’re tired of not knowing how to take care of your hair, wasting your time and money trying to DIY, and not getting consistent results you can feel confident about.

But the misinformation on the internet, the overwhelming number of natural hair products on the market, and a lack of professional education have left you frustrated and struggling to take care of your hair.

The good news is—it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Naturals I love to work with

This investment is so much more than just a “salon appointment” and the way you ultimately want to see your hair could take anywhere from 12-18 months depending on the condition of your hair when you begin and your consistency to the regimen at-home.

this is for you if:

+ You’re ready to commit to the process of rehabbing your hair so it can reach its healthiest potential.

+ Your hair is 100% natural and at least 4 inches long.

You want to wear your hair in a Wash+Go 95% of the time.

You’re ready for expert guidance and to give up your frustrating DIY routine that hasn’t been serving you.

+ You want to learn the specific products to use and exactly how to use them to get consistent Wash+Go results every single time.

You are ready and able to invest in the products and tools necessary to achieve healthy, hydrated hair and master your Wash+Go.

You are ready and willing to get a haircut that prioritizes your hair’s health over its length and align with my philosophy on shape for tight curls.

this isn’t for you if:

– You’re looking for a quick fix and overnight results.

– You’re transitioning out of a relaxer, have heat-damage, and/or your hair is less than 4 inches long.

– You like to switch it up with protective styles and blow-outs and don’t want to wear your hair in a Wash+Go 95% of the time.

– You prefer to get your DIY tips and tricks from the internet.

– You don’t want a consistent combination of products that work for you and prefer to be a product junkie.

– You aren’t able to make the financial or time investment necessary to transform your hair and reclaim your life.

– You prefer to hold on to your length even if it’s not serving you because you value length over health and shape.

The detox 

 Preparing for Your Appointment 

All new clients are required to complete a 30-day detox period in preparation for their first appointment with me.

+ AG Balance shampoo (Ulta)

+ AG Boost Conditioner (Ulta)

+ Brush with the Best detangling brush (online)

+ Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic (Target)

+ The Doux Mousse Def (Target)


Step 1

Grab your products and detangling tool for your detox period. Your first session using the products and brush is the day your 30-day detox period begins.


Step 2

Cleanse, condition, detangle, and style with the products and tool for 30 days (four consecutive sessions). Do NOT use other products, oils, or butters during the detox period.


Step 3

Arrive to your appointment with hair that has been cleansed, condition, detangled, and styled in your best Wash+Go within the last 7 days with the required products.


Tight Curl Rehab


+ A deep cleansing designed to detoxify your strands from occlusive impurities, hard-water minerals, and product build-up

+ Any and all necessary treatments based on the current condition of your hair  

+ A restorative conditioning treatment to replenish your hair’s moisture balance 

+ An individualized product combination based on the make-up of your tight curls and your hair goals

+ A step-by-step visual learning experience where I walk you through the process of cleansing, conditioning, detangling, and styling your hair and answer any questions you have 

+ A shape crafted with intention and your hair’s optimal health in mind 

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Stay informed.

My appointment book opens on a monthly basis. I notify of availability exclusively via my newsletter.


What My Clients Are Saying:

“After working with Andra, I had the easiest hair week in over a YEAR. I’ve been able to spend more time with my little one and not dread wash day. She helped me get my hair and, indirectly, life back on track! I’m so happy I found her because she is truly awesome.”

Jessica W.

“I never thought my hair was beautiful, but after working with Andra, I can now be my true self. I’m not trying to hide my hair. I’m not trying to braid, twist, or straighten it, or feel like I have to fit in—I can just be me. It was an amazing experience to see that my hair is actually beautiful and I can be proud of it. I spend less time and have less anxiety about doing my hair which is really awesome.”

Natalie J.

“Andra helped me do more than master my wash+go, my hair is legit healthier. She educated me on the importance of establishing a consistent regimen and prioritizing my scalp health along with my hair. I’ve been able to achieve healthy, hydrated hair while also being a new mom.”

Jharmaine D.

Before working with Andra, I was struggling with loving my hair as a part of myself and I kept my hair in braids for about 85% of the time. I was frustrated, buying and trying a lot of products, and not getting the results. After working with her and getting educated, I love my hair. I didn’t know that I could get this curl definition. Now, I have better confidence in how I carry myself.”

Fao S.

“Since working with Andra, when I go out and I present myself to the world, I know that it’s the best version of my hair and I love it. That confidence that I have, I’ve never felt with my hair in my 28 years of living—to know that I have styles in my bag that are consistent, that are healthy for my hair, and that give me results that I love, every time, is the best feeling in the world.

Lauren J.

“After working with Andra, I got a lot of education and it’s a game changer knowing how to maintain my hair and keep my definition and style. Andra taught me about what my hair does as opposed to trying to fit it into an arbitrary hair typing box. It used to take me an hour just to shampoo and detangle, but now it’s only like a 30-minute process and when it’s time for Wash Hour, it’s very straightforward and easy.

Alexis T.

meet your stylist

Hey! I’m Andra Renee.

I’m a Detroit-native, Chicago-based licensed cosmetologist and luxury Professional Curl Artist who loves educating Tight Curl Naturals on how to embrace their natural beauty with professional education, instruction, and insight.

As a stylist and educator specializing in tight curls, I have helped hundreds of naturals transform their hair from dry and struggling to healthy and hydrated while saving time, energy, and money on wash day.

Your natural hair isn’t difficult and it’s not a problem to be solved, you just don’t know how to care for it—let me teach you just how simple it really is.

as seen on
my commitment to you.

I’m committed to giving you the professional education and insight you need to transform your hair so you can reclaim your life.

 But in order for you to get the simplicity you’ve been wanting, you’re going to have to do the work. This looks like showing up for yourself and committing to the process because I can do my part, but the magic will not happen if you don’t do yours.

This is bigger than a cute hairstyle, this is a lifestyle. Don’t let another wash day go by with you STILL not knowing exactly what to do to take care of your hair.

It’s time to reclaim your life and feel good in your skin. 

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