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"Who taught you to feel good?"🍯

as I take my time reading, integrating, and ase’ing through adrienne maree brown’s Pleasure Activism, I’m dancing with lots of questions.

When I think about who taught me to feel good, I think about…

Confessions of a Recovering Good Girl. ☁️

I grew up as a “good girl” because I learned to stay quiet about how I was feeling. I didn’t learn to speak up about pain, my pleasure, my fear, my feelings or my needs.

As I recover from being a good-girl, these are my confessions.

Hello pleasure, hello grief.

feel-good favorites center what feels like care for me. while i’m feeling good, it’s not all I feel. I find pleasure in experiencing the full spectrum of my feelings and to be able to do that, I’ve had to get familiar with grief. A body-awareness of loss. An aching and moaning 

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