welcome to the fun club.

virtual hangs + local events + curious creative community

If being natural is your jam, but you’re bored with “wash day”, tired of all the rules and rigidity, and looking to connect with other naturals who want to play, this one’s for you.

Join your hair cousin as we talk all things regimens, products, salon experiences, and how “zooming out” can help you enjoy your hair again as your find what really works for you.


1. Decide if this feels like fun for you. 

2. Save your spot via payment here.

3. Check your email for the calendar invite + zoom link.

4. Plan to show up with the energy to be present + engage, with your camera ON, and good light.

5. No hang is complete without snacks, so bring your favorite!

NOTE: if you are desperate and pressed to fix your hair, this is not the space for you. 

 All sales final. Refunds/exchanges not offered after purchase.