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musings at the intersection of business + pleasure.

Meet Andra Renee.

An introduction to who I am, how I got here, why what I do matters, and what my intentions are for my work and play in this season of life.

Our story is what gives meaning to our dreams and ideas, anchors our work, and connects us to other people, yet we rarely take time to share it. 

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What exactly is strategy?

I’ve got a thing for the basics, so let’s start by defining our terms and setting a solid foundation.

Allow me to demystify “strategy”, explain what I actually do as a Creative Strategist, and share how you can work with me in 2023 to humanize your business.

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The art of being a feel-good girl.

Life is so much more than work, yet most entrepreneurs and business owners have no idea who we are apart from our contributions.

Here’s how I’m exploring the parts of myself that have everything to do with feeling good apart from making money.

[to be published]

Linda Diaz x green tea ice cream

“And when it gets to be too much, I find myself in what I love.”