My name’s Andra. [ahn-druh]

I’m gradually updating my website, but in the meantime, I wanted to show my face in the place. 

I live a very unconventional life exploring intentional rest, radical healing, deep relaxation, and play while redefining what it looks like to work + do business.

As an entrepreneur and recently retired Curl Artist, the front-facing and behind-the-scenes aspects of business are my jam.

When I’m not daydreaming about client care and experience, connection and copywriting, online presence and engagement, event curation, graphic designing, strategic ideation, and systems development—I’m watching anime, slurping ramen, playing in the kitchen, taking a nap, breathing and following what feels good.

Welcome to the digital part of my world where I love to mix business with pleasure. 🍯


Multidimensional Creative + Entrepreneur + feel-good girl

Sid the science kid

“I wanna know how things happen and how and I wanna know everything now.”

🌈Let’s Play Together🧠🤸🏾‍♀️

Do business differently.

A 1:1 collaboration designed to help you organize your business so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

[beta coming soon]

✨How I move✨


I’m a learner + autodidact. I crave information, have a photographic memory of sorts, and have an insatiable desire to know.

Basically, I’m a shaker and a mover in these intellectual streets and I’m turned on by what expands my mind, perspective, and heart.


I know how to work well alone and I’ve learned that it’s bigger, better, deeper, wider, and sweeter when we do it together.

Whether it’s business or play, we make magic when we co-create. My offerings are rooted in me and you doing our part with presence and integrity.


Whether we’re talking homemade caramel or healing from ancestral trauma, the point of it all is to know we’re never alone.

Though my writing doesn’t flow on a specific schedule, I make space for intentional connection via my blog and newsletter.


My curiosity’s partner in crime because asking questions is about seeing things differently.

Daydreaming, especially during smoke sessions, is one of my embodied practices because it reminds me to dream for dreaming’s sake.

Spending time with my head in the clouds is also how I balance the harsh realities of living here on planet Earth.

I love to saturate in made up shit because it reminds me that everything is made up and I can make shit up too.

Being human is wild.


This is my jam and has been since I had a couple panic attacks at the beginning of my season as a licensed hairstylist back.

I was overworked, exhausted, and moving at a pace that completely disregarded my fundamental needs, like food + rest.

Honoring my capacity has meant redefining my relationship to myself, my work, time, my family, my partners and friends, the elements, the cosmos, alluvit.

Now, I go slow and meticulously unravel from the ways I feel pressured to rush and compartmentalize and monetize everything.


Anytime I’m experimenting with a new belief, possibility, or recipe—play is my way of reminding .

This website refresh is a stellar example of having a good time without subscribing to the “shoulds” that wear us down and out. I’ve designed, tweaked, and edited my website regularly since 2019 and it was never quite right.

I know now it’s because I was trying to present myself in the way I thought I “should” instead of the way I authentically show up in the world.

whitney houston

(cinderella 1997)

“Impossible things are happening everyday.”