Before I get into my reasons for starting this blog, let me introduce myself.

My name is Andra Renee. I’m a 23-year-old, Detroit-native. I’m a student and entrepreneur working in the cosmetology industry as a natural hair stylist, coordinator, and personal assistant. I’m married to Darious, a history nerd who loves all things potatoes and bread and who specializes in videography and creative direction. I love cooking and eating, especially tacos. I speak French and have studied the language for 19+ years. I like to dance, listen to BeyoncĂ©, and this list could really go on forever, so dassit for now.

Now, the two reasons for holding space in this way:

  • I’m taking a break from social media.

If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with certain forms of tech, specifically social media platforms. As an entrepreneur, I mostly use Instagram as a marketing tool and way to engage with my audience, but I also waste hella time scrolling through other folks’ business. The more time I spend glued to my cell phone mindlessly staying in the know, the more detached I feel from my actual life, the people I care about, and the shit that really matters.

In light of all the reporting on the latest Black victims of police violence, the protests, and the global pandemic, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to unplug and reevaluate my social presence because the way I’d been engaging just wasn’t aligning with the life I’m creating for myself.

  • I’m re-imagining my relationship to tech.

Have you heard of Alex Wolf? She’s a brilliant entrepreneur and tech-philosopher. I’ve bought a couple of her products, watched her videos, and read her blog and she’s just dope at her craft. Her latest piece encouraged readers to prioritize all of life based on what matters most to us instead of being overwhelmed by jam-packed schedules. It seems simple, but you and I both know it’s one things to say health is most important, but not make time to cook real food, or move regularly, or manage stress.

The fact that I use my platforms to market my services was starting to make me feel trapped and I wanted a way out.

I was texting my bff the other day, before I decided to unplug, and she mentioned that she was off social. She’s one of the most mindful humans that I know, so it was no surprise to me considering how distracting parts of the internet can be. Even though I wasn’t surprised, I did feel a way. I was jealous of the freedom she embodied, that I thought I couldn’t. She could decide something didn’t serve her, no matter how big or small it seemed to anyone else, and release it. I could never do that, right? The fact that I use my platforms to market my services was starting to make me feel trapped and I wanted a way out. But, what would that mean for my social presence? How would I stay relevant? How would people know where to find my services and products? It went against all of my business senses, but it resonated with my being and so I went with it. I don’t know how long this break will last, but I do know that whenever I go back, it’s gonna look a lot different than before.

— Andra