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andra Renee


welcome to my space on the internet.

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Hi - I'm Andra.

As an artist & business strategist,

I’m a master of creative solutions with a focus on problem-solving, systems, and communications.

I work 1:1 with creative visionaries to help bring big ideas into reality, simplify workflows, and give language to their authentic voice and the essence of their work.

When I’m not making magic with clients, I can usually be found laughing, cozied up practicing a language, drawing in my journal, nose-deep in a novel, enjoying some art, or savoring a bowl of noodles.

let’s talk business.

My approach to business is to keep things simple & do them authentically. A lot of the frustrations we experience as artists and entrepreneurs come from trying to fit into the ways we’ve been taught we “should” do things, versus doing what feels authentic, which is almost always based on what someone else has decided or some arbitrary standard society has agreed on.

Through practices like identity grounding, future-planning, and strategic implementation—I guide my clients through simplifying their backend processes and cultivating their frontend experiences so the two align.

It’s never really a question of a website rebrand OR hiring an assistant, it could be neither, rather it’s about deciding what to do, in what order, and based on what data.

This approach allows me to assess and strategize a plan for each individual client & avoid cookie-cutter strategies and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Here’s some of the skills I bring to my clients’ businesses, projects, and teams:

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Brainstorming different ways to do the thing

Cyber Technology Corner

Tech + Integrations

simple, user-friendly automation + streamlining

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Graphic (re)Design

Refreshing your visuals to reflect your style

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Systems Audit / Foresight

Looking ahead and using

the power of foresight for future-readiness

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Strategic Insight

Analyzing data to create a sustainable way forward

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Language Edit

Updating the way you talk about your business to reflect your authentic voice

clients say


oracle / traveler

“Lemme tell you—the BRILLIANCE that comes from this brain. 🧠🧠 Andra is the ”guard rail” your business doesn’t even know it needs!!🎯🎯❤️”

Umi Celeste,

alchemist / death work

“For artists who are working to become more authentic, you have the ability to see that authenticity and bring it to life through your words.”


womb healer

“When I first saw the mock landing page you made for me based on our one conversation, my first thought was,”she hacked my mind!”

In our work together, we’ll make sure your foundations are solid so you can expand your creative impact, cultivate the community you desire, and feel confident in the direction you’re leading your business.

Due to the nature of my work, all sales are final.

who are your services best for?

Creative, weird, & quirky entrepreneurs who want more structure, flow, & organization in their biz.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

A la carte services turnaround in 3 weeks.

Project timelines vary. I don’t do rush projects or tight deadlines.

What is the rate for your services?

A la carte services and projects begin with a $300 1:1 session that goes toward the total cost of the project.

Collage lips

let’s talk art, language, & culture.


a free Detroit meetup for

creative language learners

WHEN: Wednesday, November 18th, 2023 / 2pm-4pm

WHERE: 6509 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48210

Click >>here<< to register!

Growing up bilingual, I’ve always had a gift and passion for learning languages. From participating in national French competitions to singing Edit Piaf for newly naturalized U.S. citizens, language and culture have been my art form over the years.

Today, I regularly practice French, Spanish, Japanese, & Korean to keep my skills sharp and my heart enamored.

Inspired by my own immersive studies, I host LINGUA, a free language-learning space based in Detroit, MI.

It’s a beginner-friendly learning environment to cultivate your unique learning style as you explore different languages & connect with other learners.

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