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Hey! I’m Andra Renee.

 I’m a Detroit-native, Chicago-based licensed cosmetologist and luxury Professional Curl Artist who loves educating Tight Curl Naturals on how to embrace their natural beauty with professional education, instruction, and insight.

As a stylist and educator specializing in tight curls, I have helped hundreds of naturals transform their hair from dry and struggling to healthy and hydrated while saving time, energy, and money on wash day.

Let me teach you just how simple it really is. 

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What My Clients Are Saying:

Before working with Andra, I was struggling with loving my hair as a part of myself and I kept my hair in braids for about 85% of the time. I was frustrated, buying and trying a lot of products, and not getting the results. After working with her and getting educated, I love my hair. I didn’t know that I could get this curl definition. Now, I have better confidence in how I carry myself.”

Fao S.

“Since working with Andra, when I go out and I present myself to the world, I know that it’s the best version of my hair and I love it. That confidence that I have, I’ve never felt with my hair in my 28 years of living—to know that I have styles in my bag that are consistent, that are healthy for my hair, and that give me results that I love, every time, is the best feeling in the world.

Lauren J.

“After working with Andra, I got a lot of education and it’s a game changer knowing how to maintain my hair and keep my definition and style. Andra taught me about what my hair does as opposed to trying to fit it into an arbitrary hair typing box. It used to take me an hour just to shampoo and detangle, but now it’s only like a 30-minute process and when it’s time for Wash Hour, it’s very straightforward and easy.

Alexis T.


What My Clients Are Saying:

“After working with Andra, I had the easiest hair week in over a YEAR. I’ve been able to spend more time with my little one and not dread wash day. She helped me get my hair and, indirectly, life back on track! I’m so happy I found her because she is truly awesome.”

Jessica W.

“I never thought my hair was beautiful, but after working with Andra, I can now be my true self. I’m not trying to hide my hair. I’m not trying to braid, twist, or straighten it, or feel like I have to fit in—I can just be me. It was an amazing experience to see that my hair is actually beautiful and I can be proud of it. I spend less time and have less anxiety about doing my hair which is really awesome.”

Natalie J.

“Andra helped me do more than master my wash+go, my hair is legit healthier. She educated me on the importance of establishing a consistent regimen and prioritizing my scalp health along with my hair. I’ve been able to achieve healthy, hydrated hair while also being a new mom.”

Jharmaine D.

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